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Results of the NeuroLeadership Summit

Posted in Uncategorized by results on August 8th, 2007

In May 2007, 55 open-minded, high-powered thinkers from many corners of the globe, came together to build a better science for leadership by integrating relevant neuroscientific research.   During this 1 hour podcast, David Rock will take you through the three days of the Summit, highlighting the key findings presented in all the scientific sessions – including but not limited to presentations by Dr. Henry Stapp, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, Dr. Robert Coghil, Dr. Yiyuan Tang and Dr. Mark Jung-Beeman.   Many insights emerged at the Summit: insights like a new formula for change; a new understanding of the social brain; a new perspective on cultural difference; a new understanding of how expectations shape experience; a new take on engagement.

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